Schedule for PUB Channel


Friday, September 29, 2023
12:00 AMSalem Drive In: The Driller Killer
1:36 AMSalem Drive In: The Devils Partner
2:51 AMSalem Drive In: The Devils Hand
4:04 AMSalem Drive In: The Brainiac
8:30 AMBare Fitness: BREATHING Pre-Workout
8:58 AMBare Fitness: STRESS Pre-Workout
9:27 AMBare Fitness: STRESS Full Workout
10:01 AMCoffee With Tod: Beetlejuice 2 Filming Locations
11:12 AMCooking Healthy with Coastline: Honey Sriracha Salmon Bowls
11:30 AMThe Writers Block
12:00 PMHavana Fairfax Connection
12:58 PMHavana Fairfax Connection
1:52 PMHavana Fairfax Connection
2:52 PM502 Conversations: Dr Christopher Labos
3:32 PMDanny Frank: Guest Dr Corey Orava
4:00 PMLevitt AMP Sheboygan Music Series: De La Buena
5:44 PMLevitt AMP Sheboygan Music Series
7:53 PMThe Over Easy Court House Cafe
8:02 PMDerek Shapiro's Power Half Hour
8:35 PM806 The Show - Podcast: The One With Ms Salem
9:45 PMBluff Boys: Pretzels
10:43 PMBluff Boys: Best Homemade Pretzel Recipe
11:00 PMSidewalks The Entertainment Project: Justina Valentine, Pretty Vee
11:28 PMSidewalks The Entertainment Project: Kirk and Tammy Franklin

Saturday, September 30, 2023
12:00 AMSalem Drive In: Terror of the Bloodhunters
1:13 AMSalem Drive In: Sound of Horror
2:44 AMSalem Drive In: Sisters of Death
4:12 AMSalem Drive In: Night Tide
6:00 AMGood Morning Salem Cartoons
10:30 AMIn the Toy Box: Halloween episode Curse of the Monster Toys
11:03 AMSmart Boating
11:30 AMWhats My Line
12:05 PMOLLI Spring 2023 The Beauty and Poetry of the Heavens the Ancient Teachings of Aratus
1:00 PMOld Ways in New Jersey: Rik Palieri, The Banjo Man
1:30 PMOld Ways in New Jersey: Richard Skelly, Understanding the Blues
2:00 PMPioneer Valley Life
2:29 PMTraditional Swedish Meals: Vegan Wallenbergare Swedish Patties with Vegan Creamy Mash Potatoes, Butter Green Peas, and more
3:00 PMYolanda Style and Glamour: Richard Pulice
3:30 PMLet's Visit...Alternative Energy
4:00 PMEatin with ECAT Episode 5
5:00 PMLive @ 5 with Joe Spina: 9/7/2023
5:30 PMExplorers Club with Bradley Epps, Professor of Spanish-World's Fairs 1888 and 1929 7/19/23
6:46 PMRediscovering A Lost Icon: Gabrielle Rosson explores the lost art of silent film director Lois Webber in her film She Who Dare
7:00 PMBongo Boy TV: Come See Me
7:28 PMBongo Boy TV: Money Pain
8:00 PMOld Time TV Show: Superman
9:56 PMSidewalks The Entertainment Project: Mandy Moore
10:25 PMSidewalks The Entertainment Project: Tami Roman
10:56 PMSonorium 7/30/22 DOG
11:10 PMSonorium 7/30/22 Elka Bong
11:30 PMSonorium 7/30/22 Crank Sturgeon

Sunday, October 1, 2023
12:00 AMSalem Drive In Theater: Silent Night Bloody Night
1:25 AMSalem Drive In: Monstroid TV MA
2:48 AMSalem Drive In: Mesa of Lost Women
3:58 AMSalem Drive In: Manos The Hands of Fate
6:30 AMMusic and The Spoken Word
7:00 AMChrist The King Mass
8:10 AMBristol Trinity Episcopal Church
9:09 AMMusic and The Spoken Word: To Remember and Be Remembered
9:40 AMStoneham Memorial Church at Worship: Growing Where You Are
10:40 AMMusic and The Spoken Word
11:07 AMThe Prophetic Word
11:50 AMSunday TV Mass
12:29 PMWhat's My Line
1:02 PMYolanda Style and Glamour
2:00 PMDaily Table Ribbon Cutting in Salem 9/9/23
2:20 PM21st Annual Phillips House Car Meet 8/13/23
2:30 PMLets Visit: Old Men Dumb Museum
2:46 PMSissy Gamache Show
2:57 PMSissy Gamache Show
3:10 PMSissy Gamache Show
3:30 PMRoseland Summer Concert 2023 Country Comfort
5:00 PMThe Film Connection with Filmmaker & Writer Brad Piche
6:45 PMSalem Drive In Theater - Little Shop of Horrors
8:00 PMGraveyard Cinema: The Robot vs The Aztec Mummy
9:20 PM806 The Show: The One With Chewy
11:00 PMHeavy Leather Music Video Show Episode 1

Monday, October 2, 2023
12:00 AMHeavy Leather Music Video Show Episode 2
1:02 AMHeavy Leather Music Video Show Episode 3
2:02 AMHeavy Leather Music Video Show Episode 4
3:02 AMHeavy Leather Music Video Show Episode 5
9:00 AMSenior Center: Chair Yoga
9:45 AMSunset Yoga Flow with Emily
10:00 AMCoffee With Tod
11:06 AM21st Annual Phillips House Car Meet 8/13/23
11:13 AMDaily Table Ribbon Cutting in Salem 9/9/23
11:33 AMArts Alive: Bobby Justin Band
11:59 AMArts Alive: Bobby Justin Band
12:25 PMArtist Corner: Timmy May
1:00 PMAcoustic Attic: Deep River Akoustik Project
1:30 PMSonny Saul Trio: Intergalactic Suite
3:00 PMRoseland Summer Concert: 80s vs 90s
4:29 PMReel Smaht: Mel Brooks
5:00 PMToni G Psychic Medium
6:00 PMPaltrocast: Daphne Baiwir Marc Turtletaub, Van Lathan, Mona Scott-Young
6:28 PMPaltrocast: Danny Goldberg, Chris Robert and Janice Dickinson
6:57 PMPaltrocast: Damian Powers, Sublime With Romes Rome Ramirez, Hanoi Rocks Michael Monroe
7:30 PMSidewalks The Entertainment Project: Nate Boyer
8:00 PMSalem Halloween Pet Parade 10/8/22
8:36 PMWhite Space short film by Michael Cestaro
8:48 PMSalem Skatepark Session Short
8:51 PMHow to Ollie Short
9:00 PMPaltrocast: Deep Purples Glenn Hughes, DragonForce's Marc Hudson
9:30 PMPaltrocast: Dave Mason, Courtney Rush and Frankie Quinones
10:59 PMSalem Horror Fest: Ghosts in your Feed, Social Media in Horror Films 10/5/19

Tuesday, October 3, 2023
9:00 AMYoga for Seniors
10:00 AMCoffee With Tod
12:00 PMLets Visit: Old Men Dumb Museum
12:30 PMBristol Community Cooking: The Path Restaurant and Lounge
1:00 PMIn the Toy Box: Halloween episode Curse of the Monster Toys
3:00 PMSissy Gamache Show
3:13 PMSissy Gamache Show
3:26 PMSissy Gamache Show
3:40 PMClassic SATV: Haunted Happenings Haunted Trolley Ride
4:26 PM21st Annual Phillips House Car Meet 8/13/23
4:33 PMMood Food with Melissa: Vibrant Steak and Potato Dinner
5:07 PMShe Show Podcast Ep 2
6:00 PMFM&P Presents Night Owl Club: Sydney Rollins
7:30 PMLet's Visit...The Haunted Harbor
8:00 PMToni G Psychic Medium
9:00 PMSidewalks The Entertainment Project: Baratunde Thurston Returns
9:30 PMPaltrocast: Chad George and Bryan Ruby
9:58 PMPaltrocast: Courtney Gains, Ethan Haze Hayes and Cast and Crew Of Good Boy
10:34 PMCultural Roots live @ The Cabot 7 7 2018
11:00 PMSalem Horror Fest 19 Faculty of Horror Live Podcast 10/5/19

Wednesday, October 4, 2023
12:00 AMAudio Shrapnel
1:04 AMAudio Shrapnel
2:30 AMAudio Shrapnel
3:43 AMAudio Shrapnel
6:30 AMThe Prophetic Word
7:00 AMMusic and The Spoken Word
7:30 AMCoffee With Tod: Interview with Singer-Songwriter Sam Robbins
9:16 AMGentle Mat Yoga For 60 over Adults with Terry Currier
10:30 AMJohn Wants Answers: Biden and Trump Indictments and Swiftie Clara
11:00 AMSalem Halloween Pet Parade 10/8/22
12:00 PMVoz Do Atlantico
12:57 PMVoz Do Atlantico
1:55 PMVoz Do Atlantico
2:55 PMVoz Do Atlantico
3:55 PMVoz Do Atlantico
4:53 PMVoz Do Atlantico
5:51 PMVoz Do Atlantico
6:51 PMVoz Do Atlantico
8:00 PMJohn Wants Answers: Biden and Trump Indictments and Swiftie Clara
8:30 PMGhost Stories
9:00 PMPaltrocast: Andrew Barnsley, Maximilian Erlenwein and Martin Marrow
9:28 PMPaltrocast: Austin Wintory, Mateen Stewart and Cast Of Bootyology
9:57 PMPaltrocast: Bobby Rush, Diane Franklin and The Kings
10:56 PMSalem Horror Fest 2019: Horror Writing 10/14/19

Thursday, October 5, 2023
12:00 AM806 The Show: The One With Chewy
9:00 AMYoga with Liza Chair: Yoga Quiet Lightness
10:00 AMCoffee With Tod
11:30 AM21st Annual Phillips House Car Meet 8/13/23
11:40 AMLets Visit: Old Men Dumb Museum
11:56 AMSalem's Haunted Happenings Parade 2018
1:30 PMSalem's Haunted Happenings Parade 2019
2:51 PMSalem Haunted Happenings Parade 10/7/21
4:30 PMSalem's Haunted Happenings Parade 2022
6:00 PMSalem Haunted Happenings Parade LIVE 10/5/2023
9:00 PMGhost Stories of New England
9:28 PMGhost Stories of New England: More Bigfoot, Royal West Virginia, Roosevelts
10:58 PMSalem Horror Fest 2019: Political, Cultural and Theological Impact of Salems Lot 10/12/19
Friday, October 6, 2023
12:00 AMSalem Horror Fest 2019 Shock Waves Podcast feat. John Kassir (Tales From The Crypt's The Crypt Keeper)